Following on from Part 1 , Part 2Part 3Part 4,  Part 5 and Part 6 of this 7 part blog series, we have now reached the last part of the blog series. In this blog post we look at how to apply the Excedia 5-level relationship model to make your networking more effective.

How to use the model in your networking strategy and activities:

Tip 1: Identify your main processes, tools and systems for identifying and progressing relationships through the model.

Very often we have a scatter-gun model of networking, where we turn up to events and enjoy conversations as they come along. What this approach tends to do is build lots of level 1 & 2 relationships, but not build and maintain these relationships over time. By prioritising your key relationships and focusing on these, you will enjoy more networking success.

Tip 2: Audit your key relationships

Have a go at mapping your network (see have you ever mapped out your ideal network?) then, evaluate the relationship level of your key relationships. Are they where they need to be? If not, then what actions can you do to build and maintain the relationship level?

Tip 3: Have relationship plans for your key relationships

After you have identified your key relationships, then design and implement a relationship plan for them. As part of your plan, you ideally want to check on the state of the relationship level, and record this over time.

Tip 4: Include the relationship level in your CRM system

Most CRM systems will allow you to add in custom fields, and the relationship level needs to be one of these custom fields. You can then over time run reports on which relationships need work to increase their level.

What other tips can you add to this list?