Following on our previous post – it is now time to look in detail at the model.

Level 1 – Identify

This is where someone first comes onto your radar. You know their name, and maybe their reputation, but you have never communicated with them. For example, you may see an event, which is headlined by a keynote speaker. You now have a level 1 relationship with that speaker.

To find the right people to start a relationship with, i.e. a level 1 relationship, you need to be mixing with similar people. This means turning up, whether physically or virtually, at the same places as the people you want to meet. The best way to find where these places are is to ask them. For example, I’m guessing that you probably want to meet prospects and introducers for your business. If so, then ask existing clients and introducers where do they hang out, both in the physical and online world. E.g.

  • What conferences do you attend?
  • What networking events or groups to do you attend?
  • What hobbies or interests do you have in your spare time?
  • What organisations, both personal and professional, do you belong to?
  • Which social networking sites do you use regularly?
  • Which social networking sites to you use to talk to your peers?

If you want to build level 1 relationships with the right people then, how about:

  • Finding which groups they belong to on facebook;
  • Doing some twitter searches by keyword, or bio (using a tool such as Followerwonk. (Don’t say this word when tired!);
  • Going to conferences or events which your target audience attend; and
  • Asking your network for introductions to the type of people you want to meet.

Now you have identified names of people you want to meet, i.e. you have a level 1 relationship with them, it’s time to progress the relationship to level 2.

Read Your 7 part guide to strategically managing relationships part 3 (click here to read it) for ideas on how to progress a level 1 relationship to level 2.