During my research for ‘The Financial Times Guide To Business Networking’, I discovered that each relationship can be categorised as one of five levels. I’ve previously blogged about this in ‘when does a contact become a genuine connection’ This relationship level is important, as recognising the state of your relationship is key to being able to successfully leverage your relationship to win new business.

Diagram: The Excedia 5-level relationship level modelTM


In this series of 7 blog posts we are going to look at each level in more detail, and give you ways to identify which level your relationship is at, plus how to progress the relationship upwards. Then finally, we will look at how you can use the model to improve your networking effectiveness.

In Your 7 part guide to strategically managing relationships – Part 2 you can read about  – Identify and what you need to do to identify the right kind of people to meet.