Graveyard for networkers?

Have you ever wanted to get more referrals from your network? You know that you do a great job, but are not getting the referrals you need? Read on for three great tips to get more business from your networking.

The sad networking story

Somebody assumed that Anybody was able to help pass him referrals; surely Everybody knew what he meant, that he was serious and he was the best person for the job?

Anybody could have done passed those referrals, but Nobody did.

Somebody got fed up with his entire network, being sure it was Everybody’s job to get him referrals.

Somebody blamed Everybody when Nobody did what he thought Anybody could have done

The problem: Nobody knows Anybody and although Everybody wants to refer business to Somebody, Nobody is sure what Somebody is really after.

“But it’s not like that”

It’s OK, I can already hear you saying “It’s not like that”, my network

  • Know what I do
  • I am clear with what I want

Either your network are no good for you, or you are no good for your network! So, assuming it’s not everybody you know that is the problem – it’s time to wise up.

Three tips to get more referrals– today.

Don’t try to change everything all at once, try these three steps today.

  1. Ask 3 trusted people in your network what you do and who you do it for. Don’t tell them, do listen, don’t interrupt and realise that this is what they have heard from you.
  2. Think of your best 3 clients and then ask them what specific things you did that was good for them. These stories will form the basis of testimonials, but more importantly stories you can give to your network.
  3. What links those clients? What are the common points, how can you find common points amongst your clients that would help you tell stories about a specific type of person.

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Now you’re on your way to creating a niche, which will help you move things on even further. If you’re not sure how good a thing it is to have a niche, then read 7-ways-professionals-can-win-business-via-referral.

Another idea is to think abut the short cuts and signs you use to spot is a prospect is good or not. Is your networking notworking shows you what to do with these signs to get more business.

Are you still looking for anybody? What else will make you focus on somebody?

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