Social media is maturing, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are no longer new shiny toys; but ways businesses connect with each other. What changes have you seen and what do those changes mean for you?

Old phone boxes, changing like social meda CC https://www.flickr.com/photos/rickharris

Social marketing can help you reach your audience and demonstrate how you are the The Go-To Expert but it’s less and less about SHOUTING and more about engaging. That means has become more important to consider strategy (and how you’ll interact with your audience) than looking for the new tricks to use on different platforms and new tools to spam people with (although they’ll always pop up from time to time).

What happened to the telephone?

Imagine the telephone when it was new and nobody knew what to do with it! Over a hundred years or so it has changed from being the strange new thing on the wall, to a real business tool. The way it is used has changed. It is sometimes used for “push marketing” (he says getting off the phone from a cold caller annoying me with a “survey”); but more often it’s about connecting, discussing, developing relationships and closing the deal. As the telephone matured it changed; a focus on special tools (autodial, voice mail) moved to how it was used (marketing, client service, relationships). It became integrated into the way we work.

Do you remember your first email?

You may remember the excitement of sending and receiving your first emails (OK, I’m old). That excitement has changed over time too!  We used to have several email addresses, logging into several different providers and now the same providers all get delivered into the one “inbox”.  Speaking of which, have you tried “Inbox” by Gmail yet? Having an empty inbox every-day is an amazing feeling.

Social Media matures

Thinking about maturing and social media, things are changing there too. It is becoming more about client service, marketing (whether that’s old style “push” or “pull” strategies like being the Go-To Expert), relationship development, and more.

As more people use it (and considering it normal), it becomes more integrated into normal business. That’s less about shiny new things and more about doing what you need to do on a regular basis (integrated into your other marketing).

New apps will, of course, keep being developed (I love crystalknows.com) and you need to know how to integrate them (if applicable) into your strategy – but more importantly you need to consider your strategy in the wider sense and actually doing it.

Learning to drive was hard, but you focus on where you’re going, what you’re making this journey for and how to get there – not the mechanics of each new car.

How is social marketing changing for you?

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