Strategic marketing alliances help you generate warm leads; so warm that they often make a disproportionate contribution to the bottom line.

Once clients have developed their tactical marketing plan (if you don’t use one, click here to read more about tactical marketing plans), we help them optimise it.

The strategic alliance is one the entry that generates more leads than any other, once people understand them. They sound simple, but sometimes get dismissed as they do involve some set up time.

Working with other trusted professionals could easily provide 40% of your leads.

How do I define strategic alliance?

At networking groups we’re taught to work together and many do, although this often stops at swapping leads. The lawyer’s client needs an architect, the architect’s client need a commercial lawyer; these are simple, yet powerful versions of a strategic alliance.

This could develop much further: joint presentations to larger clients, running workshops together, outsourcing part of your client offer, even creating a new legal entity as a result.

You don’t have the expertise to deliver everything your client wants, but could bill them, take a small margin and pass the rest to a trusted professional who does specialise in that area. Alternatively you might be happy to just have a good supply of warm leads and be happy giving some in return.

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What type of professional could you work with to your mutual benefit?

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