Small business bloggingBusiness blogging helps you to win clients. However many people we talk to are unsure of this, or don’t believe it can work. They worry they need to be a literary genius or employ the (often expensive) services of a copywriter.

This article is about one of our clients who recently started blogging and just got a new high value client – because of his blog!

Small Business Blogging – Is it worth it?

If you’re looking to get additional clients, enhance your reputation and demonstrate your expertise on a subject in a niche area – then yes it’s worth it.

His prospect found him through Google.

The phone rang,  somebody looking for his expertise. The conversation quickly got to the point where he asked “how did you find us” (you do have a way of doing that don’t you?).

The answer: They looked for what they needed on Google and his business blogging site came up, on a page he’d written about their needs.

His main website was not the attraction.

It was not his main website, they had looked for something specific and they found his small, newly started, simple (free) WordPress site.

He had only recently started blogging and wasn’t convinced enough to make any changes to his proper website! So if you’re unsure whether to start business blogging a separate site (free) could be a good way to start. I could give you many reasons for including it in your main site, but getting started is the key step.

He had decided to start writing articles and when he knew he could keep it up, he’d consider the cost of including his blog on his main site.

What should I write my blog about?

What your prospects want! Before he started writing anything he thought about the main things that prospects come to him for and the questions they typically ask him about those things.

That gave him 45 things to write about (5 main services and the questions he gets asked on each). He used each of those 45 things as a timetable and started to write the first of his 45 blogs.

How often should I blog?

He started writing once a week and hasn’t yet got through his list of 45 items. In fact he’s only a quarter of the way though. But he has a clear list of things to write about, which is what many people struggle with. Each time he writes, he starts to think of something else and adds them to the list for another day.

How should I write my blogs?

Each week he takes the next item from this list and considers what prospects talk about when they ask that question. He then writes about a piece of A4,  as if he were having a conversation with a prospect.

He then tidies it up:

  • Breaks it into three or four sections
  • Ensures that any paragraphs aren’t too long
  • Gives it a title that relates to it (he doesn’t consider himself witty or clever enough to create a sexy title)
  • Thinks about the thing that the blog is about and makes sure that the relevant phrase (e.g. small business blogging) is written into the “discussion” a few times.
  • Saves it and reads it three days later as he found that this meant he noticed the mistakes and could improve it.

A short article each week could show your expertise, demonstrate why somebody should give you referrals and get clients.

Once you’ve got started, you may have other questions (do click on the items below to read more:

What stops you from writing? I’d love to read your comments

Written by Jon Baker The 5-50 Coach. I help professionals grow their firms from 5 to 50 employees, sustainably, profitably and still have fun. Networking is a key part of getting great results in small firms. If you want great networking tips sent to your desk once a month, click here and I will start sending them to you, so you can make a real difference to your referrals.