The way soap powders, and other consumer goods, are marketed could help you improve your marketing effectiveness. Yes, I know you’re trying to sell a service rather than a boring soap powder, but let me wash my thoughts in public and share an idea about selling more.

Soap powder and how it can help you with selling more

Consumer goods marketing

Imagine yourself going into a store to purchase soap powder (or any form of powder); instead of a row of boxes there is a scoop and a row of buckets to choose from (or a person that you have to ask to weigh it for you). Yes, I know that’s old fashioned (and a few people may still prefer it today); but chances are that you don’t buy things like that.

The main reason for not weighing out your own soap powder/ tea leaves/ etc. is that it is easier and we tend to buy what is convenient. How can you help your potential clients buy from you in a more convenient manner?

Re-packaging your offer how it can help you with selling more

Of course, the other thing about packaging is that it’s easier to include marketing messages on the packaging, and that could apply to your firm too. Both of these points mean you could be selling more!

Making it easier for your clients

The question then is how can you make it easier for your prospective clients to buy from you?

What package could you put your services in, which make them easier to understand, compare, choose and then pay for? A couple of examples.

  • Gold / Silver/ Bronze? Having two or three levels of service clients can choose from makes it easier for them to understand how you can help, and makes the pricing discussion easier. Most professionals that have done this find it helped them with selling more. Have you got differing service levels that you openly talk about?
  • Fixed price offer? Fixed price Accounting is more common now than it was; but many professionals resist the idea of having a fixed price (rather than an open ended, meter running approach). But those that change normally find they are selling more, get a big uptake in clients and average fees. How could you adopt that piece of packaging?

Selling more, might mean you need to change

Do you need to change? Possibly not. Would you benefit from changing the way you package your offers? Probably yes. Did shops want to change, probably not. Have they benefited and are they now selling more, probably yes.

How could you make it easier for your clients by the way you package your offer?


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