self publish your bookThere is getting less and less stigma attached to self publishing your own business book. Indeed I took the plunge last year and self published my 4th book. (I traditionally published my 1st 3 books.) However, if your business book isn’t produced to the standards of a traditionally published book, your business book can actually be detrimental to your reputation and credibility. In this blog post, I share exactly the mistakes you need to avoid when you self publish your book so that you get to traditional publisher’s standards, without breaking the bank.

Self publish your book to a high standard or risk damaging your reputation

I’ve recently been shocked at the amount of so-called publishing experts who often work with coaches, trainers and therapists who advocate that ‘any old book will do’. If you want to really enjoy the rewards of being an author, you need to make sure that your book reflects well on you. ‘Any old book’ will not do. Any hint of home-brew about your book, and you and the content of your book, may not be taken seriously by the very people you want to impress with your knowledge.

Stop treating your book like a glorified long brochure for your services

There is nothing a reader hates more than feeling as if they are being sold to in the book. Whilst it is very tempting to talk about your clients, your case studies and the services which will help your prospects, these should not be in the main text of your book. Please do put your client case studies in, just don’t badge them as your client case studies. Your book needs to be genuinely valuable for your readers and help them solve their problems.

Work closely with an editor

Most self-published books are let down by the quality of editing. Well that’s if the book has been edited at all! A well edited book, that structurally works, flows well and is typo/mistake free, will be a real asset to you. In fact in 6 things I’ve learnt the painful way after publishing 4 business books in 3 years I talk about your editor being your best friend. Most authors are too close to their own words to be able to see the wood for the trees. That is where your editor comes in. They can give you a detached view of how to strengthen the quality and impact of your writing.

Hire a specialist book cover designer

They say never judge a book by its cover. However, that’s exactly what your readers are doing when they see your book. Judging it, on the strength or lack of strength of the book cover. The cover is what is going to convince your potential readers and clients to dip into and your book. Self design your cover or ask someone on fiverr to produce you a book cover and you will be branding your book as ‘self published’. A good book designer will do you a kindle and print cover for under £300.

Consider doing a short print run rather than print on demand

If you have the budget it is definitely worth doing a short print run rather than selling your book via a print on demand printer such as createspace. The quality of print on demand books is increasing every year. However, a short print run does produce a better quality book than print on demand books, normally at a lower price per book.

Take care over the formatting of your kindle book

Getting a business book formatted in kindle can be an absolute nightmare. All too often self published authors don’t take the time to make sure that their book is cleanly formatted for Kindle. Gremlins regularly creep into kindle formatted business books. However, a badly formatted kindle version, e.g. with double line breaks, and your book shouts out ‘self-published’.