Does the way you package your service prevent people from using it easily, and how would changing that help generate additional client loyalty?


There I was tired and away from home, having forgotten my glasses. I only need them for reading, or other close up work, so I’d been OK all day. But now I needed to visit a client and go through some reports with them – a blinder of a problem.

I had a bright idea. Popping into the supermarket and buying a pair of reading glasses would solve the problem (please don’t tell my optician though).

I can see well enough to choose the right pair, pay and get back to the car. Now the frustration starts, Jon reminds himself to breathe (then counts to 33).

As you can see from the picture there is a lovely security tag on them; the thing is you need to be able to look closely at it to remove it. That’s the one thing I can’t do and after attempting it for a while I bend the glasses. Poor packaging prevents performance.

Packaging in your firm?

Now I know that packaging is supposed to protect the customer, service or product. But it often get in the way!

If you view packaging as anything between the client and your service, what is in their way and how could you remove it?

  • Information you give them, which is in your language rather than being easily understood by the client? I’ve come across many people who in their attempt to appear like experts like to ensure that the client is bamboozled. Yet it Einstein who said “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” Maybe it’s time to think again?
  • Online accounting statements that they can’t easily access? Perhaps they struggle with online systems. How could you make that easier, whether a video, an additional service or another way of doing things?
  • Complex contract documents. Full of lovely legal language, but hard to understand unless you’re a lawyer. Is all that packaging really needed?

pablo (3)

  • The online instructions for a guide on how to use a beginners online system – yep I’ve seen one of those I couldn’t work out!
  • Long Emails: Where the important thing you expect somebody to do isn’t immediately apparent, or (even worse) it’s hidden three quarters of the way into the email. Many people push emails they view as complicated to one side “for later”. Is that where your’s are going? Oops, could be time to stop writing now!

Packaging is the way that you make your offer to your prospective client. It should make it attractive, easy to access (understand and use) and help you sell more. You might also like to read Soap powder: How it can help you sell more.

With my glasses the packaging wasn’t even protecting the product, it was simply making it easier for the retailer. Is it time to think again about how you package things?

What packaging frustrates you?

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