The Go-To Expert MOT

Just like a car mechanic diagnosing a problem with your car, we need to get under the bonnet before we can help you achieve your networking goals. That’s why we put together our Go-To Expert MOT.

The Go-To Expert MOT is the first stage in any of our coaching packages or programmes.

Your Go-To Expert MOT, will give you much needed clarity, and will form the basis of any business planning, networking activity planning, coaching or action planning going forward. For example, after completing your Go-To Expert MOT, you will have:

  1. A clear idea of what niche will work for you
  2. Clarity over the steps that will help you become the The Go-To Expert
  3. Know how to leverage your skills and expertise to increase your income
  4. Identified critical areas which need to be addressed to achieve good or even exceptional results from your marketing
  5. Ideas on how to save time with your marketing activities and generate better results
  6. A free, signed, copy of The Go-To Expert
  7. Free membership of The Go-To Expert Academy for six months.
  8. A voucher worth £200 to spend with us on any of our coaching packages, such as ‘The Go-To Expert’ system

Just like an MOT for your car, this work will give you the reassurance that you are ‘safe to drive’ or identify where you need extra work to get your networking activities on track.

Just like you have the option to do the repairs on your car after it’s MOT, or opt for the garage to do the repairs for you, you can choose to work with one of our coaches to support you to achieve your networking goals. There is no pressure from us to work with one of our coaches after the MOT.

You may be wondering how the MOT works?

Step 1: Arrange a no-obligation 30 minute consultation with one of our coaches

In this consultation, we will find out more about you and check the suitability of the MOT and us as coaches for you. If there is a good match, we will invite you to sign up for a Go-To Expert MOT and give you more detail about the Go-To Expert MOT.

If you decide on the call that you want to go for a Go-To Expert MOT (or any other of our coaching packages), we will give you a 10% discount. (The discount is only available for those people who commit to a Networking MOT on the no-obligation consultation)

Step 2: Complete a series of diagnostic tools

The next step is to complete a range of comprehensive diagnostic tools, which we will agree in advance based on your personal circumstances, such as our:

  • On line footprint audit
  • Marketing health check
  • Marketing fact find
  • Business plan and strategy review

Step 3: Get your results and identify priority action areas with your coach

The results of these diagnostics, with priority action areas identified, will then be discussed with you as part of your 2 hour session, delivered by skype or over the phone, at a time convenient to you with one of our experienced coaches. In this session, your coach will help you identify your next steps, which may include working with one of our coaches to support you to address your priority areas.

Step 4: Decide on which of our coaching packages is suitable for you

Everyone who completes a Go-To Expert MOT, will be given a complimentary voucher worth £200 to spend on a coaching package* with us. Your coach will help you decide on the appropriate coaching programme you will need to achieve your business and goals. A typical coaching package will last six months and cost anywhere between £1500 and £6000 (inc VAT).

How much does a Go-To Expert MOT cost?

Your investment for this Go-To ExpertMOT is £599 including VAT.

As with all of our coaching programmes, if after your Go-To Expert MOT you don’t feel that the session has helped give you clarity about what you need to do to progress your career, we will refund all of your fees. No quibble. No risk for you.

How do I get started?

Complete an enquiry form or email to arrange a no-obligation consultation.

*terms and conditions apply