If you have started to develop your niche, it’s time to make it easier to sell your services. Packaging your services in a easily accessible manner, then making them more attractive to your target audience, is easier when you understand their problems and show how you’ll solve them.

Packaging your offer helps sell it to clients

Are the Bakers onto something?

I’m referring to the ability of a company to make a product more appealing to its audience, serve less in each package, for more money and increase overall sales!

Many years ago white sliced bread came in three varieties – thick (for toast), medium and thin (for sandwiches). Each loaf was the same size and cost the same. The problems with thin bread were that it fell apart easily and was only good for sandwiches – so half the loaf got thrown away.

Jump forward to today, thin sliced loves don’t seem to exist anymore. Today you can buy sandwich pockets, that is twelve, thinly sliced, small bits of bread, solving the problems of sandwich making. Oh and then we could consider the gross margin being made on these “speciality items” – far higher than for normal bread.

Packaging your offer

Let’s unpack the bread example. The bakers:

  • understood consumer problems: The small group that were making sandwiches needed tougher bread and in smaller packets. Being the The Go-To Expert for your niche is all about understanding the issues and language of your clients. People often tell me that they can solve the needs of many niches and that may be true; however to get somebody to really latch onto your solution means speaking their language about their problem. I am currently selling a property, so I looked at several solicitors’ websites and quickly saw which seemed to understand me.
  • solved the problems that their consumers had. The new bread is easier to butter, the right shape for many plastic containers and comes in smaller packets (“reducing waste”). Really understanding the issues of a small group of people make it possible to solve their problems, show them that you solve their problems and show them that your solution is specially designed for them. This product may not appeal to everybody, but to some it’s very useful. An accounting firm I know specialises in working with construction industry. A common problem for small builders is the need to utilise all daylight hours building; solution – building clients get evening and weekend meetings.
  • packaged the item to really show what it does, and how it solves the problem. This bread has a different package and the labelling makes it clear what it does. For people with these problems it is very attractive (what I think of the idea is irrelevant, I am not their target market). Returning again to my accountants in the construction industry, their website looks different as all the pictures are (guess what) – building sites and the like. No stock pictures here.
  • sold it alongside the normal product. The bakers haven’t stopped selling normal bread. You won’t stop your normal services as you develop your niche. The solicitors I chose for my house sale do other things than conveyancing, but their simple, clear and fixed price conveyancing offer was very different to the others I saw.

Packaging your service will help you demonstrate your expertise and differentiate yourself from your competition. It may also show your clients an easy way to do business with you (free, entry level, champagne offer anybody?) and reduce the fears your prospects have of doing business with you.

We often work with clients, help them develop their niche, package their offer, become the The Go-To Expert and increase their sales. A simple way to start may be for you to try out our “MOT”, click here and find out more about it.

What could you do to package your services?

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