Whether you are a visitor or a regular, there is nothing worse than hearing someone ramble and waffle their way through their 60 second pitch. You want to be succinct and crisp in your delivery. I suggest that you use a structure similar to this

Part 1: The introduction

Introduce yourself by the value you bring to your clients and then ask a question related to the credibility story you are about to tell. E.g. “My name is Heather Townsend and I help professionals achieve career and business success using social media and networking. Who wishes that they could improve the ROI of their networking?”. Did you read “Introduce yourself with impact?

Part 2: The credibility story

Now tell a credibility story which demonstrates you can help people with the question you posed in part 1. A credibility story, like a sales story, has a beginning, end but no middle (i.e. you say what prompted your client to engage you & the result they achieved via your services). You might like to read “Why every networker needs a credibility story

Part 3: What help do I need

This is where you get to ask for introductions to people you want to meet; the more specific the better here. Ideally ask for a company or person within a company. Don’t ask for bland non-specific things like – business owners turning over more than £100k (yawn) or businesses with more than 5 employees (yawn). These introductions need to be linked to your credibility story, likely visible signs that they need your help, and your introduction. The article “how flickering lights will help you win more referrals” has a great example.

Part 4: Summary and call to action

This where you repeat your name again. (Very important as you could be just one of 50+ people’s pitches they have heard today) And re-state what you are looking for – e.g. “introductions to local manufacturing companies who have been talking to you about declining order books.”

So, is this the perfect sixty second elevator pitch?