Do you know what is getting on my wick at the moment?

It’s the LinkedIn request which reads:
“I’d like to add you to my professional network?”

Or even better the LinkedIn request which has been personalised but reads something like this:

“I’m expanding my LinkedIn network, and am open to connections” or
“We have several mutual connections, so I would like to connect with you here”

Does any of this make me feel wanted, loved, appreciated?


Does any of this help me identify how we know each other, and why I would benefit (yes, little me, no-one else, just me) to connect with them?

Being slightly naughty I tend to leave these type of LinkedIn requests for when I am delivering a LinkedIn workshop, as an example of ‘how not to link to people’ and how to handle these bland types of requests!

I know I have a large number of LinkedIn connections, and a tasty sized 2nd degree network which means I am a great hub to connect to others through. However, like most people, I really don’t want to feel as if I am a notch on your LinkedIn bedpost or just another gatekeeper through which you can sell to others. Maybe, I’m just too sensitive?

So, what’s the solution here?

Do your research. How will I benefit from connecting with you? See me as a person and LinkedIn as the start of a relationship with me, and word your LinkedIn request accordingly. Where did we meet? Who do we know in common? What LinkedIn groups do we share? What interests do we have in common?

If you remember one thing from this blog post, please let it be PERSONALISE your LinkedIn requests.

Anyone else feel this way?