Google + using Google+ communities to generate referralsGoogle+ communities are a great place to meet new people, create and develop relationships and demonstrate your expertise in you chosen area. As part of becoming a ‘Go-To Expert’ in your field they’re really useful. And that’s before we discuss the search benefits….

This article gives you 5 simple actions to start taking to make the communities work for you.

It’s part of a series about Google plus, you might prefer to start with one of the earlier articles. Other articles in the series look at:

In Using Google+ communities I looked at the range of subject matter and how to choose which communities you’re going to join. I strongly recommended choosing fewer, that you can really participate in.

5 steps to profit from Google+ communities.

  1. Having picked some communities, it’s time to jump in and discuss. Contribute to the discussions regularly and also and build good ones. Share information with and about your community; invite relevant connections to join your community.
  2. Focus on fewer high quality communities, rather than a vast range,. The benefits come when you have people talking to you for a reason, which needs you to have demonstrated expertise.
  3. Consider setting up your own community (although that’s the subject for another article).
  4. Engage in discussion, especially when it’s related to relevant subjects for your firm. Do leave comments on other peoples’ posts and do +FirstName Lastname mention them when doing so. They’ll be grateful and likely do the same back.
  5. The context for this whole article is networking, in participating and creating these discussions you are creating, developing and maintaining relevant relationships. Use the communities to progress people through the five levels of a relationship.

What should I say in discussions?

It’s important to add to the discussions in the groups, rather than simply looking (lurking?). However peoples will often ask me things like:

“What should I say in the discussions”

“I’m not sure what to talk about on Google+”

Respond to discussions where you have some knowledge, or e experience. Maybe you can answer a question on something you know a lot about, or have tried in the past (whether it worked or not), maybe you can recommend somebody that knows the answer. On Google+ if you recommend them and type their +FirstName Lastname you may even be able to tag them directly.

The aim is to give content which is of interest to your target market. If the content is boring, full of advertising, or not something you’d find interesting – don’t use it.


Discussing things in Google+ communities helps build your profile and helps you build relationships. This is an important step in getting invoiceable business from Google+. What to say and how to say it is not as hard as many people think!

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