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These are the networking plans, worksheets and templates which are referenced in ‘The Financial Times Guide To Business Networking’.

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  • Guide to confidently working the room – This 7 page guide is an extract from the award-winning and best-selling book on networking, ‘The FT Guide To Business Networking’. (100+ five star reviews on amazon) It covers how to gracefully exit from a conversation, how to memorise names, how to get rid of your nerves and much more.
  • Our Guide To Content Planning. This 14-page guide to content planning will help you save time, grow your credibility and profile, and generate more business via your network, by creating a consistent flow of valuable content which your prospects want to read.

Networking Meetings

  • Getting more from your Networking group. Do business networking groups work? If you are in a business networking group, you may need to change your tactics to get the most from the group. This guide will help you decide on joining a group and getting the most from it.
  • Worksheet to write your 60 second pitches. The pitch at a networking event is how you tell the room about yourself, ensure you use it well.
  • Successful One to One meetings. The one to one meeting is a key part of networking group folklore, and can make a huge difference to your results. Why then do so many people not do them, and others waste hours on end? This two minute audio will guide you and give you some ideas on improving your one to ones.

Networking Strategy

  • Step-by-step guide to building your own personal networking strategy. This guide shows you how to build and nurture your network in order to achieve stretching business and career goals.
  • Networking plan. Having a plan for your business networking will vastly increase your results. This document gives you a template so you can collate all the important details that your plan needs, and then refer to it often
  • Relationship planning sheet. This sheet will help you keep track of the next action step for your key relationships.There are always people in your network who can help you short-cut your way to achieving your business goals. These people either have influence, position, authority or are just extremely well connected.
  • Sample follow up letters and LinkedIn requests for people you meet when networking:
  • Template to write your own opening sound bite. The opening soundbite is what gets you noticed, or ignored. So ensure you get the attention you need.
  • Template to write your own online profile or biography. An online biogaphy is where potential clients go to check your credibility, make sure your’s enhances your credibility, rather than destroys it.
  • Client analysis worksheet. How to think about your target client and become attract more of them.
  • Opportunity Score Brainstorm worksheet. Your networking results depend on your credibility, personal brand, visibility and social capital. This worksheet is to help you consider how you can increase these important factors. (See chapter 2 in The FT Guide to Business Networking for more information on your opportunity score)
  • Tools and processes worksheet. Understanding, in advance, how you will move your contacts to the appropriate level of the 5 level relationship model will help you get more from your networking as you will be networking more strategically.