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Have you ever though about developing yourself, but thought things like:

I want to learn, but I don’t have the time

I love reading about new skills, but the books are so heavy and boring

I want something simple, practical with action based stages.

The good news is that other partners and professionals experience the same nightmare and it can be fixed; you can climb out of that horrible place that confusion and not knowing can leave you.

We know, as we have helped many partners and business owners before. Working with a Business Coach teaches you great techniques and creates real focus on your key issues. Then imagine the difference that being held accountable by your coach can make.

“Since working with Heather I have seen my business move in the direction that I want it to go in, indeed she has helped me to define and refine that direction – she inspires me to keep pushing on and developing the business and the relationships that benefit me, my business and my network.

In an entrepreneurial environment you don’t get the type of support you would working for an organisation, Heather is a big part of that support for me and for JSA. Sometimes all I need is a “you’re doing well” to take the next step. I get recognition from Heather where I wouldn’t even recognise the achievement myself.

Jennifer McCartney ACMA, Just Simply Accounting

You may not be ready to sign up for one of our coaching programmes yet, but why not benefit from an e-course.

  • Get over the problems of not having enough time
  • Simple weekly action based learning
  • Build your skills over a number of weeks
  • Learn some of the best tricks that we teach clients

They will help you improve your practice, and they will cost you NOTHING. They are delivered over a number of weeks direct to your email and designed to give you time to work through each stage before the next one arrives.

There is no obligation to buy anything as a result, so enjoy……

  • Time Management: A structured approach to help you become more efficient in the way you use time and get time back from the demands of your practice and clients.
  • Business Building: 5 steps to help you grow your practice. This is packed with many of the things that we use with clients to help them grow their practices (often by more then 60%)
  • Business planning: The steps to creating a business plan that will really help you to drive your practice forwards and achieve your ambition. If you’ve tried business planning in the past and think it doesn’t work, try this.
  • Marketing planning: 7 simple steps to help you build a marketing plan which will build a simple but effective marketing plan for your practice.

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