FREE CRM software

Capsule CRM is the CRM system which we use & love. It has a free version, which will allow you have to up to 2 users and 250 contacts on. We personally use it to tag all our contacts as A, B or C-listers and the level of relationship we have with them. Every month we run off a report to let us know who are the important people who we need to spend more time with.

  • Manage all your relationships, not just clients.  Manage contacts, leads, clients, suppliers, introducers and more.
  • Manage your sales pipeline – track bids, deals, proposals and other opportunities. See it all in the sales dashboard.
  • Organise your emails – easily link emails into Capsule when you send or receive emails from your contacts.
  • Complete history in one place – attach notes, conversations, docs and files right into a contact’s history so it’s easily available.
  • Make sure things get done – create tasks and share with co-workers. don’t miss that proposal deadline or customer call.
  • Make it fit your business and needs – customize Capsule by adding the data fields you need. brand it with your colors and logo.