Welcome mat and Conversation startersNearly 2 years ago I wrote a blog post “27 great conversation starters in any language“, in this blog I will share some more great, but unusual conversation starters.

2 powerful conversation starters

1. What’s your biggest challenge right now?

This is a question which my great friend and networking expert, Rob Brown uses. Firstly, it sounds pretty innocuous and, therefore, seems safe to ask and answer. This is the key to good conversation starters with people you don’t know, they need to seem safe to ask and to answer. What this question does well is really open up the other person to get them talking about what really matters to them and their business. This gives you ample opportunity to get underneath the skin of them, their business, their business focus and whether you can help them or not.

2. Talk me through your story?

This is one of my favourite questions and really opens up a conversation. You’ve just met someone and wondering how to get the conversation really going. This question, once again is simple, pretty innocuous and seems very safe to ask and answer. This conversation starter gives the other person licence to talk about what is important to them and why. It also gives you tons of relationship hooks, opportunities to build rapport with shared experiences and ways of furthering on the conversation based on what they are saying.

There are a few variations on this question, such as ‘talk me through your back story?’

In summary,

If you want to use conversation starters which really work, ditch some of the tried and tested conversation starters such as ‘what did you think of the speaker?’, and think about simple questions which encourage the other person to open up and talk.

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