Getting Started with The GoTo Expert

If you’re new to the The Go-To Expert, welcome to a great resource centre designed to help you improve your profile, get more referrals, more business and more effective business networking.

We believe:

  1. Improving your profile, reputation and becoming the The Go-To Expert in what you do will help you grow your business and help you charge more for it.
  2. Networking is much more than “just”, networking events, social media or using your own network.That’s why we call it JoinedUp Networking
  3. Networking is about relationships, not selling, developing the right relationships for your firm is critical to your success, spending your time selling to those you meet (on or off line) is not effective?
  4. You can build a client following by being passionate about your ‘thing’

JoinedUp Networking is where you can connect with and learn from like-minded networkers who are building their own profitable and fulfilling practice, whilst still having a life outside of work.

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