April Lean Forum – Networking Resource Page


Hello Again!

It was great to meet so many of you at the Lean Forum a week or so ago. I’ve put together a list of resources which you may find useful to help you dig deeper into the broad subject which is networking.

If you have any questions, just fire them my way at heather@heathertownsend.co.uk and I’ll enjoy answering them.

Great articles to help you network like a pro

Telegraph article – Networking: 9 tips to help you work the room like a pro 

How stuff work’s article on 10 networking tips for people who hate networking

CIO’s How to network: 12 tips for shy people 

The 5 greatest barriers to effective networking – which one do you struggle with?

Is networking sucking away your valuable time

Is your networking fit for purpose

Recommended websites for networking

The Go To Expert (this website!)

Business Networking – advice for how to win business via your network

Relationology – the art and science of creating relationships

Recommended books