About Us


Have you got tired of turning up to events wondering how you are going to win your next clients?

Are you tired of being your firm’s best-kept secret?

You are in very good company!

In fact, The Go-To Expert came about as a result of Heather writing The FT Guide To Business Networking and wondering why some people become really successful at winning business and others plodded along. Even though they all diligently followed the same advice.

What was the missing ingredient?

We discovered that winning business, particularly by referral or inbound methods such as social media, isn’t about how hard you work or the amount of pressing the flesh you do, but about how big a fish you are in a small pond. Yes, it’s not about trying to be all things to all people, it’s actually about focusing on a niche and tailoring your offering so you become irresistible to your ideal client.

Taking the dark arts out of learning to win business for yourself

When Heather swopped corporate life for business ownership she was pretty naive when it came to selling and marketing her services. (And, she’s not being modest here either). When she looked around for books and resources to help her simply win business as someone who sold her time for money, using up-to-date marketing tools without her feeling sleazy or compromising her integrity, she couldn’t find any. Yes, there were great books written on professional services marketing for in-house marketing experts. There were also great books written for B2B professionals but written before the advent of social media.

That’s why she wrote the Go-To Expert. It’s the only roadmap you need to start to win your own clients regardless of how natural or otherwise you are at business development. You only have to look at the 45+ five star reviews on Amazon to realise how much this book was needed by people like you.

Do we walk our walk and talk our talk?

Actually yes. Heather is THE global expert in helping professionals make partner in practice. Norma is highly well known for helping businesses successfully and profitably export. And lastly, but by no means least Jon is the guy you go to when you want to grow your small firm from 5 to 50 people.