A LinkedIn daily routine. Regular use of LinkedIn can help your networking become more productive. But what should go into your daily routine on LinkedIn to make it a great networking tool?

Let’s start with a quick comparison and see if it’s worthwhile…

How long does a networking event take?

If you compare daily LinkedIn activity to going to a networking meeting, you’ll quickly decide which you think is more productive. A face-to-face networking event may last 1-2 hours, plus you’ll probably spend between one and two hours travelling. Oh, don’t forget any time you spending getting ready for it, and following up afterwards (you do, do this, don’t you?).

So one single face-to-face networking event can use up between 3 and 6 hours of your day. The trouble is you want to develop your client portfolio, so you need to “get out there”.

The daily LinkedIn routine I will describe will allow you to ditch at least one networking event a month, possibly more – and if you only ditch one face-to-face networking event a month will save you between 2-5 hours every month.

Your daily LinkedIn routine

LinkedIn’s own research showed the optimum amount of time on LinkedIn per day is 9 minutes! (OK, there maybe some conflicting interests here, but let’s use their number). Here is a great daily LinkedIn routine, although this assumes you already have the basics (like a LinkedIn profile) in place.

  1. set your clock – as you only want to use 9 minutes of your time (setting a timer can ensure you don’t go over your 9 minutes)
  2. Have a look at who has viewed your profile and send a message/ connect with anyone who is interesting
  3. If you some time left, add a status update. That’s a short piece of interesting (to your target audience) content or some good news story about you or your firm (new client won, etc)
  4. If you have time left, look down your LinkedIn wall and comment/like some of the updates by important people in your network
  5. Have a look at your keeping-in-touch function and use it to prompt conversations with the important people in your network
  6. If you still have time left, go into one of your LinkedIn groups and leave one comment on one discussion
  7. Job done!

If you have started to use LinkedIn endorsements, you should add them to your routine. If not – you should read 3-reasons-why-you-need-to-bother-with-LinkedIn-endorsements

Getting more effective in your daily LinkedIn routine

You can make this time more productive if you:

  • Commit to your niche: Specially thinking about who you connect/ engage with, and your LinkedIn professional headline (for help with this how about downloading our free guides on LinkedIn?)
  • A clear LinkedIn Profile: You need a well written LinkedIn profile highlighting your credibility in your chosen niche (have you adapted your profile this year, since the LinkedIn changes? If not click 9-critical-actions-you-must-take-as-a-result-of-the-recent-LinkedIn-changes)
  • Groups: Focus on the discussion groups that contain your target audience, and where people engage in discussion- i.e. they are engaged communities with a large proportion of your target market in the group

You can now download our 11 page guide, “Linkedin, Using it to Generate Leads”, it's free and waiting for you right now in our JoinedUp Networking toolkit. This toolkit is a resource library stuffed with goodies to help you get better results from your networking (email address required). Click here to download it.

What do you include in your daily or weekly routine on LinkedIn, and how long does it last?  I’d love to hear about it…


Written by Heather Townsend. I help professionals become the 'Go To Expert'. I am the co-author of 'How to make partner and still have a life', 'The Go-To Expert' and the author of the award-winning and bestselling book on Networking, 'The FT Guide To Business Networking'. To find out whether I can help you read 'is this you' Connect with me on ,  LinkedIn and Twitter