Most of us are not fortunate enough to always meet prospects who are ready to buy or refer us to other potential buyers of our services. However at some point they will be ready to buy – and you want to be the professional they think of talking to first at this point. So, how do you make this happen? This is where your keeping in touch processes earn their keep. To help you think about different keeping in touch processes which you can easily implement, here are 27 ideas:

  1. Use a spreadsheet to help you keep in touch with your network, and record your last contact
  2. Use relationship plans, with diarised tasks to make sure you keep in contact
  3. Send them with their permission a fortnightly or monthly newsletter
  4. Send relevant blog posts you have written to your network
  5. Use auto-responders, personalised to the individual and their situation
  6. Tweet with them
  7. Connect with them on LinkedIn
  8. Connect with them on Facebook
  9. Like their Facebook posts
  10. Like their LinkedIn status updates
  11. Comment on their LinkedIn updates
  12. Share their LinkedIn updates with your network
  13. Join the same groups on LinkedIn as them and comment on their discussions and posts
  14. Aim to find one introduction a month for key contacts
  15. Aim to find one referral a month for key contacts
  16. Use a CRM (client relationship management) system
  17. Send them a handwritten postcard
  18. Phone them
  19. Send them a birthday card
  20. Send them a present for their children’s birthdays
  21. Have lunch with them (or breakfast, or dinner)
  22. Invite them to your firm’s seminar
  23. Share with them relevant articles
  24. Comment on their blog posts
  25. Share their blog posts with your twitter and/or linkedin network
  26. Offer them a guest blog for their blog
  27. Ask them if they will write a blog post for your blog

What would you add to this list?