Many people dread going face to face networking because they are worried that they are not going to know what to say. Or that the conversation will dry up… In this article, I share with you 27 conversation starters which will get your conversation running smoothly without any awkward pauses…

27 conversation starters

Never fear, with our list of great opening questions and conversation starters you will never be short of a conversation:

  1. How’s things?
  2. What did you think of the speaker?
  3. What part of the talk really resonated with you?
  4. Where are you based?
  5. What’s the weather been like up your way?
  6. What sports do you follow?
  7. What type of music do you like listening to?
  8. What’s your favourite way to relax after work?
  9. How do you know the host?
  10. What prompted you to join…
  11. What prompted you to come here today?
  12. What are you trying to achieve by being here?
  13. Have you been to one of these before?
  14. What’s been the best session for you?
  15. What session are you really looking forward to?
  16. What prompted you to set up your own business/be an accountant etc
  17. What’s the best bit of your job?
  18. Who have you enjoyed meeting so far?
  19. How’s business?
  20. Have you seen any films recently?
  21. Have you read any good books lately?
  22. Have you got any holiday’s planned?
  23. Have you been on holiday recently?
  24. What have you got planned for the rest of the week?
  25. What have you got planned for the weekend?
  26. How’s your week going?
  27. How’s your morning going?

Have I missed any questions out?

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What are your favourite conversation starters?