You’ve committed to Twitter, great.

Purchased the obligatory hootsuite subscription, great

Then you get really excited because you can start now start pumping out your message on Twitter & LinkedIn 24/7; making doubly sure no-one can miss what you about and what you can do for them.

Not so great.

Oh, and you can now also add to your Twitter account, via hootsuite, the obligatory feed of bland articles which are SO boring they appeal to no-one. But, hey you are sharing content. (That’s what the social media expert told you… right?) Not so great.

In fact…. a big fat Twitter and LinkedIn #fail

All this does is alienate the very people you want to attract.

Twitter and LinkedIn, like all social media tools, work best when used as pull rather than push marketing mediums.

Think about it, we all have so much choice about what we will read and share on Twitter and LinkedIn, that most of us have very little tolerance for reading adverts or boring bland articles. If all I see on your tweets (and LinkedIn status) is ‘buy our services’, and ‘call me’, I’m going to rapidly unfollow you and hide your updates on LinkedIn.

But, but, but… I hear you cry. I didn’t go onto Twitter to talk about what I had for my lunch. Of course you didn’t. You want to market your practice and generate enquiries.

So, firstly stop thinking you are talking to hot prospects all the time on social media who are just waiting to buy your services.

Secondly, start providing an interesting stream of content which shows your personality and demonstrates your credibility to a specific target market – preferably via your own blog. In case you are thinking, SMEs or Owner managed businesses is NOT a specific target market.

Thirdly, start proactively connecting and building relationships with people well connected to your target market.

Then repeat. I promise you, once your reputation is established within your target market on social media, the work will come flooding in.

What do you think?