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About us…. and this website

This website will help you get more results from your networking.

Some people love it and seem to spend their entire working networking, others really struggle with the concept and some dislike it – but know they have to. Which are you?

Our aim on Joined Up Networking is to give you tips, tricks, tactics and strategies so that you can network more effectively, without fear and get the results you want – without losing your personal values.

Don’t count your conversations, make you conversations count. Rob Brown

Jon has trained hundreds of Business Owners and professionals to get more from their networking, as has Heather.

What’s more Heather is the author of the award winning, best selling “Financial Times Guide to Business Networking”.

Between us we can help you get more from networking, which is becoming an ever more important subject in today’s business world.   Some people think that Networking is all about face to face meetings, there’s a lot more to it than that.

The effective use of Social Media allows you to network and develop relationships even when you’re not in front of people. Combining face to face and social media allows you to be even more effective. That’s why we call it Joined Up Networking.   The advice and guidance we share with you on this site has been learnt the hard way, and road-tested with many professionals in the course of our careers.

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About Heather and Jon

We both met when we were the local competing business coaches, the two best coaching firms within the local area.

As the local competition naturally we had great reasons to be suspicious of each other, but did what we recommend to clients and started to talk about how we could help each other. After all, we did have slightly different niches.

We quickly realised that our skills were complimentary, we had very similar values and that we hadn’t had as much fun in years. We started doing some joint workshops and then formally merged our coaching practices and formed The Excedia Group in January 2011. The rest, as they say, is history.

To find out some more about Jon, or Heather, you can read their personal pages on this site.