Creating your niche

3 steps to improve your confidence

Confidence can sink us all; or rather a lack of confidence can prevent us from achieving what we want in our business and careers. Several people have said to me things like “I guess my problem is one of confidence. I have a burning ambition to be the "go-to" person...
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When should I specialise?

It was wonderful to sit chatting to a couple of new Accountants recently, when something interesting came up in conversation. "A marketing expert told me I should specialise, but I'm not really ready to yet". They went on to ask me a common question "when should I...
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Creating content

5 sure fire tips to generate impact from creating a post in LinkedIn publisher/post

This morning I helped a friend put his first blog post on LinkedIn publisher. At the time I didn't think anything of it as, blogging, whether on LinkedIn or my own blog site is something that I just do. (And have been doing for the last 7 years...) This blog post...
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How do I know you’re an expert?

Profiting from being an expert needs people to recognise you as the and to feel good about knowing less than you. Being the means different things to different people, recognition is a key step.. How do I know you’re an expert? A...
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Creating leads

A networking plan

What would you put into a networking plan and what would it look like? It's generally accepted that with a plan you are much more likely to achieve your objectives, but what would you put into a networking plan? It's a great question and one I was asked a few times...
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4 critical mistakes most self published business book authors make

There is getting less and less stigma attached to self publishing your own business book. Indeed I took the plunge last year and self published my 4th book. (I traditionally published my 1st 3 books.) However, if your business book isn't produced to the standards of a...
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Creating your services

What are you afraid of?

Every time you buy something, you deal with your fears. They may be tiny enough for you to ignore them; but the size of those fears could destroy the common sales truism “People don’t like being sold to, they like to buy”. Risk reversal is about dealing with those...
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Making your offer more irresistable

If you have started to develop your niche, it’s time to make it easier to sell your services. Packaging your services in a easily accessible manner, then making them more attractive to your target audience, is easier when you understand their problems and show how...
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Jon Baker

Jon BakerJon Baker is a Business Coach, Sales Trainer and Experienced Public Speaker. Jon specialises in working with partners and owners from the smaller professional practices.

Heather Townsend

Heather helps professionals and firms become the Go-To-Expert. Unusually for someone with an Engineering Degree, she accidentally became a writer and used her knowledge on social media to write the current best-selling and award-winning book on networking, 'The Financial Times Guide To Business Networking.' (100+ five star reviews on Amazon).

She is a widely published writer, international speaker, Executive Coach and a referral marketing expert.