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Selling, or networking – which is most effective?

Have you ever wanted to sell your services at a networking meeting, rather than waste your time developing relationships? I sat in total shock for a second. Then the thought crept around from the back of my skull, like warm blood oozing from a cut, I can’t just say what I’d like to say – […]

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testimonials freeze over

How to ask for testimonials – 3 powerful questions

Testimonials are important for business (yawn, stretch – heard it before), but have you ever read anything that wasn’t a glowing testimonial? Your prospective clients (and you) often ignore them, as the internal BS detector goes into overdrive. What if you knew how to ask for testimonials that really worked? Pointless testimonials Testimonials are waste of time, […]

Who can stop me

Testimonials – the hidden benefit

You’ve been told testimonials are great for developing your credibility, social media followers and your fee income – but for many there’s something even more important about them. Read on for 5 things to do with your testimonials and their hidden benefit. What is a testimonial? A testimonial is a person’s (preferably a client’s) written […]

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Presentation skills, from classic mistakes

Giving a great presentation, engaging with the audience , leaving them thoughtful and poised for action is a great way to enhance your credibility as the . But learn from these classic mistakes and improve your presentation skills. This article is part 2 of a series, with presentation skills tips 5-9, click here for the […]

People at business networking events

3 classic mistakes guest speakers make

Getting the opportunity to speak at a networking group or conference is a fantastic way to improve your profile. However, most speakers make classic mistakes which limit their impact and effectiveness.