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I thought I was pretty good at this “expert” stuff – until I read this! Packed with tips, I was left with a page full of things to do. I genuinely believe that any professional will benefit from reading (and using) this book.

Dennis & Turnbull, British Accountancy Award winners 2013

Recent articles on creating your niche

3 ideas to stand out from your competition.

You like to think you stand out from your competition; stand out so that we get noticed that is. The trouble is sometimes we may think we look different, but those searching for a supplier don’t see that difference! Then there are those that stand out for all the...
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How specialist do I need to be?

Creating and refining your niche will help you to win more of your own clients. Next you might ask, 'how niche do you really need to be'? Is it essential to be THE expert? This article answers the question, 'how specialist do I need to be?' and concludes that you may...
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Ideas on creating content

5 sure fire tips to generate impact from creating a post in LinkedIn publisher/post

This morning I helped a friend put his first blog post on LinkedIn publisher. At the time I didn't think anything of it as, blogging, whether on LinkedIn or my own blog site is something that I just do. (And have been doing for the last 7 years...) This blog post...
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How do I know you’re an expert?

Profiting from being an expert needs people to recognise you as the and to feel good about knowing less than you. Being the means different things to different people, recognition is a key step.. How do I know you’re an expert? A...
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Social proof – do me a favour

I detest celebrity endorsements and don't believe a word of them, so what is social proof and how can it help you? Stop for a moment and think about the other side of your life, yes that’s the one. The one where you’re not acting as a professional, not trying to...
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Ideas on creating leads

7 tried and tested ways to make time to network

You are probably looking to be the in your profession because you love what you do. Yes? Makes sense. You probably didn't start because you love forging relationships with strangers.  However, that's what you have to do.  Network.  What's more you are...
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What to blog, and how? 3 tried and tested tips create client winning assets

You've either tried blogging, or you've been told you should. Chances are that you get stuck on what to blog about, and certainly what to do with your blog so you win clients from it. This post is going to look at exactly what to blog about,  then what you need to...
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9 red flags to watch out for with your business development activities

Have you ever found that your business development stalls? Understanding some of the business development problems and signals showing things are about to stall can save you trouble and improve your portfolio. So, here are 10 red flags of business development problems...
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Ideas on creating your services

What are you afraid of?

Every time you buy something, you deal with your fears. They may be tiny enough for you to ignore them; but the size of those fears could destroy the common sales truism “People don’t like being sold to, they like to buy”. Risk reversal is about dealing with those...
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Making your offer more irresistable

If you have started to develop your niche, it’s time to make it easier to sell your services. Packaging your services in a easily accessible manner, then making them more attractive to your target audience, is easier when you understand their problems and show how...
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Poor packaging prevents performance

Does the way you package your service prevent people from using it easily, and how would changing that help generate additional client loyalty? There I was tired and away from home, having forgotten my glasses. I only need them for reading, or other close up work, so...
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