Networking for success

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3 reasons why being a diligent networker is not enough

In this blog post, I explore why accountants, lawyers and consultants need to do more than just be a diligent networker if they want to win business via their network. A good friend of mine took the plunge and turned freelance 6-9 months ago. Like many accountants (and other professionals), he had done his research. He […]

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When Networking can never work

Imagine a group of business owners all keen to use networking to boost their business, get their name out there, and make some really useful contacts. I’m sure you’ve met people like that too. In discussion with them I upset them when I told them to stop wasting their time going to networking groups! It […]

Creating content

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Social proof – do me a favour

I detest celebrity endorsements and don’t believe a word of them, so what is social proof and how can it help you? Stop for a moment and think about the other side of your life, yes that’s the one. The one where you’re not acting as a professional, not trying to demonstrate your expertise, but […]

How are you perceived; is it real?

Which is more important to your success; who you are, or who other people think you are? It’s an interesting question that sparked a lot of debate recently. On one side “it matters who your potential clients think you are” and on the other side “you must be true to yourself”. What’s the answer? Perception […]

Creating Leads

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The worst networking presentation?

They wanted to do a presentation at their networking meeting. Have you ever done this, wanting to set yourself apart and develop your credibility as the ? Here’s a very common mistake and what to do instead. In fact this mistake almost guarantees nobody gets your message and are unimpressed with your performance. What was your […]